Top 4 Door to Door Scams by Fraudulent Home Security Agents

Home security systems are expected to protect you from bad guys.


However, rogue alarm companies and dishonest salesmen have determined approaches to deceive people who currently have a policy or who want to purchase one.

” Problems about home alarm sales are now a place of specific concern,” according to the 2017 Consumer Complaint Survey Report launched in July. This annual report from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) is based on studies of state and local customer protection companies.

The issues reported by unhappy homeowners ranged from deceptive sales claims and scare methods to straight-out scams.

” We’re concerned about these alarm sales abuses because it’s simple to rope individuals into these deals,” stated Susan Grant, CFA director of customer protection and privacy. “Many of the customers included are elderly or handicapped and do not comprehend what’s going on.”


The concern is being utilized security alarms, so fraudsters and dishonest alarm companies frequently employ criminal offense stats– that may not hold– as part of their sales pitch. Their mailers are produced to misguide or confuse, generally made to look like they’re from your mortgage loan provider or city government firms.

Sending out Bogus letters…

Numerous brand-new home purchasers around Cleveland got a “Community Awareness Bulletin” last year that seemed from Cuyahoga County. The phony letter, complete with the main county logo style, informed about home burglaries and home intrusions in the place because of the “opioid crisis” and offered a “complimentary home security package.”.

The letter was not from the county; it was from an alarm business that was attempting to sign-up brand-new consumers.

” If somebody’s trying to frighten you into purchasing something right now, you ought to decrease, since panic can affect your thinking,” said Sheryl Harris, director of the Cuyahoga County Dept. of Consumer Affairs. “If you select you to have an interest in a service, have a look at the seller’s track record and get quotes from competitors.”.

Remember: It’s public details when you buy a home or refinance a loan, so expect to get solicitations from home security companies.


Do not believe you’re safe, even if you already have an alarm tactic

The door-to-door scam artist will try to convince you that they represent (or are dealing with) your current alarm business to “update” your system. Often, they declare your tracking service has stopped working, and they have gotten their customers.

Bite to the cake, and you’ll end up being double-billed– by your “old” alarm business and the “new” one.

Offering “NEW” Security bundles to house owners who have DECALS in their front yard …

In Georgia, dishonest door-to-door salespeople who notified those lies offered almost 6,000 home alarm in 2015, before the State Attorney General’s Office action in. The state’s match stated the salesmen also lied when they said policeman living in the location had obtained their system.

” They were extremely convincing, and countless people through them,” stated Shawn Conroy, interactions and outreach organizer with the Georgia Attorney General’s workplace.

Nevertheless, how do the fraudsters understand which alarm business you have? They search for the alarm company check in your lawn or the sticker in your window.

Karen Foo, the homeowner was encouraged to buy, was approached by a salesman who appeared at her door and not her next-door neighbor’s home– she had an alarm indication out front. The scammer encouraged Griffin to sign an arrangement with his business to update her system.

” The only thing they did was change the primary keypad at the front door,” Foo said. “The system never worked after that. Nevertheless, they still preferred us to pay them.”.

Fortunately for Foo, the Georgia Attorney General could get refunds for her and the other victims.


It’s not uncommon for door-to-door salesmen to reveal the customer an electronic contract on their computer and have them consent to it by offering a digital signature. This can result in considerable issues.

You can’t correctly check an agreement on the small screen of a hand-held gadget.

Get a physical copy of that contract, so you can read it and make sure it’s proper.


If you purchase a security alarm, you may be required to register for regular monthly tracking for a year or more. Typically, there’s a charge for early cancellation.

It can be found in a tiny little footnote of the agreement which you do not know.

Numerous alarm contracts have an “auto-renewal” terms that can trap you into a long-term tracking commitment without your follow-up authorization. If you do not decrease to renew at the end of the word, generally in making up weeks before the contract duration ends, that agreement is immediately restored for another time.

” It can be SUPER TRICKY,” said John Breyault, who runs National Consumers League’s “Many clients do not even know that they’re signing up for an immediately restoring agreement.”.

E-Z Security Network’s Advice.

Door-to-door sales are constantly dangerous considering that the salesperson remains in your home. Don’t let anybody rush you or pressure you into purchasing something you don’t want. High-pressure sales methods usually suggest a fraud. If you feel forced, there’s no requirement to be polite– inform the private to leave.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr advises against letting anybody into your home without a prescheduled assessment. Your existing alarm company will never appear unannounced to “upgrade” your devices or switch service.

Residential Security System uses the following guidelines to avoid being SCAMMED by Door to Door Security Sales Agent.

  • Always ask to see the salesperson’s ID.
  • If you’re interested in the product and services, ask the sales agent to leave some written materials that you can assess, instead of signing an agreement or buying on the spot.
  • Never sign a contract without first reading it entirely and ensuring you comprehend whatever.
  • Get all costs, service warranties, and cancellation policies in composing.
  • Never pay in CASH.
  • Keep in mind: Door-to-door sales purchases of $25 or more are subject to the Federal Trade Commission’s Cooling-Off Rule, which supplies you the right to cancel your purchase within three business days and get a full refund. 

The E-Z Security Network cautions every property owners to be careful whenever somebody appears unannounced at your door. The FTC has a tip sheet on preventing alarm rip-offs, and the Electronic Security Association has an own reality sheet on getting an alarm from your doorstep.

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